Portuguese meeting

The challenge to Europe faced in this LTT was “Integration of Immigrants”.

Guided by a preliminary assignment, before the meeting students in the 4 schools investigated the reality of integration in their own context, started to reflect about it and resumed their findings in a digital presentation per country.

During the meeting, they shared and compared these findings, becoming aware of the diversity and complexity of the challenge, on a European level. They obtained more in-depth information at a panel organized by the Townhall of Torres Vedras. At school, they listened to 5 personal witnesses, representing the world of work, education, refugee-support, among others. Working in mixed groups and guided by an assignment, students reflected about the information received and prepared concrete responses to the challenge. Herein they were supported by immigrant students in Portugal, which accompanied critically the reflection process. The results were presented to the whole group and are published on the project’s website.

The teachers reflected together about this concrete experience with European Challenge Based Learning and wrote down their conclusions.

Besides the participants already referred, others were involved, ex. a class with a high percentage of immigrants and their music-teacher. The participants also disseminated the project and their experience in it to a larger audience of younger students in the Port. School, on the Day of Europe. An exposition about both the project and the UE contributed further to the visibility in the whole school.

The Portuguese students follow different courses with different subjects. Non-the-less, most of them made use of and shared their learning experience in their normal lessons in subjects like Geography, Philosophy or English.

On the last day, the students filled in an online evaluation form which permitted an in-depth analysis of the LTT.

Pictures from the exchange

waiting for the Finnish group at the airport
all participants
we learn to look at Lisbon through the eyes of immigrants who show us
European dances help to break the ice and feel other cultures (1)
in mixed groups, students elaborate suggestions for better integration
the groups present their results in a creative way (2)
the groups present their results in a creative way (3)
the groups present their results in a creative way (4)






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