The Netherlands

Bisschoppelijk College Broekhin

Bisschoppelijk College Broekhin is a school in which the welfare of the pupil comes first. Situated in rural Limburg, a province in the south-east of the Netherlands, renowned for its picturesque landscape and friendly people, B.C. Broekhin provides secondary education to pupils over three locations: Roermond, Swalmen and Reuver. In Roermond, our main location, 1600 pupils in the 11-19 age group are educated according to their aptitude. Here we have four educational departments, ranging from pre-vocational education to pre-university Atheneum/Gymnasium /TTO (second language education) level. Apart from offering quality education, one of our highest priorities lies in communicating the norms and values necessary in a modern society.


Our school has many international contacts, each year around 300 pupils take part in international exchanges, study visits or projects.


We believe that values such as self-discipline, compassion and respect for other people’s ideas are all central to the healthy development of children and young adults. The Netherlands is of course a small country. However, it has always been able to adapt to the demands made on it, particularly by a changing Europe.


We are very happy to participate in this project. Our theme is “How to make the city of Roermond attractive for young people”. Lots of Dutch students tempt to move to Amsterdam or another large Dutch city to study or to work. We want to make the pupils aware of their chances in an international environment, such as Roermond and look beyond borders for opportunities. The pupils from the other participating countries will also learn to broaden their horizons an to see opportunities for an great future.







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